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Georgia O’Keeffe

[blockquote cite="Georgia O'Keeffe"]I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.[/blockquote]

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Clouds – 2D Animation

http://vimeo.com/1786898 Vivamus non felis quis massa imperdiet dignissim id in arcu. Nullam eu placerat arcu, eget pharetra turpis. Curabitur sit amet tristique orci. Donec eu feugiat augue. Curabitur nec hendrerit mi. Praesent id nisi vestibulum [...]

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A highlight reel of the athletes of the WFPF

http://vimeo.com/11810594 Nam eu sagittis dolor. Praesent eget nisl ante. Aenean nibh tellus, volutpat sed interdum non, aliquet in arcu. Aenean commodo congue lacinia. Fusce sed blandit libero, ut sodales metus. Nam est nunc, pulvinar in [...]

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